Everything Happens for a Reason

Do you know that everything happens for a reason?
You must be wondering around why all these issues
happen to you, all the time. Feeling defeated, sadness,
meaningless, worthless…
and walls are even closing in…
You can count all the negative feelings inside of you.
But, let me tell you this. 
There is a reason.
I know nobody has ever told you that life has a meaning
and why all the life-hurdles show up in your life.
Have you ever thought about why we are here
on this beautiful planet of ours?
In this time? In this circumstances?
Sometimes, life hits you hard.
Life hits you with bricks and you get hurt.
This is true.
But, please remember. 
We are here for spiritual growth.
To be a better person and better in spirit.
It is a part of a spiritual journey
what you are going through in this life time.
Because, we can learn only from experiencing.
The Universe will do whatever it takes to provide
the very best circumstances for us to grow, improve
and develop our spirituality to realize true kindness
and happiness.
Without knowing the rock bottom of your life,
it is hard to tell what is good. 
What matters is how you live
and how you deal with it.
Again, the we are here to grow our spirituality
To improve ourselves
To be a better person
To be a better spirit
To help others with what you have.
This is why the Universe keep the delivery
of life events for us.
Please remember this.
Everything happens for our spiritual growth.
Life Coach Consultant
Atsushi Otsuki