Profile in English

Hi, I am Alex Otsuki(Atsushi).
I believe that everything happens for reason.
Everyone of us has its uniqueness and so do I. English always helped me throughout my career as I had my education in the US. I thought self-confidence was my biggest asset.
At a Japanese company, NSK Ltd., where they always valued my background and provided me with many opportunities.  As one thing lead to another, I was going up the stair way of my career. 
Like any of you, I was not an exception, I wanted to pursue my corporate career. But, my life was going no where. As I struggled, it even got worse. I felt like walls are closing in. Feeling miserable, no hope, no energy to keep my head up… I was simply depressed. I completely lost my confidence and decided to leave the company.
The next 3 years was the most valuable time of my life with my wife and son. I kept reading inspirational books from old classics to the latest. I also extended my interest in to the spiritual realm to learn about why we are here, and what is the purpose of life. Time past by so slowly with my lovely wife & son.  I needed this time to feel happy, fun and joy once again.
As you can imagine, I got financially tight with no income after 3 years. Rather forced to go back to the corporate life to make a living. But I knew it would not last a long as my interest was to helping others. As I was helped by many books those days, I wanted to do the same. 
I gradually shifted my corporate career into a life coach. Good preparation made easy transition but it took a courage to challenge. I am a professionally trained life coach now, who is specialized in turning your life into a better. 
I sometimes refer to myself as a messenger of the Universe. There is a better future waiting and the Universe has a better plan for us. My job is to guide you to the right path. You will not be lost of where you are headed in your life anymore. 
Again, I believe everything happens for a reason.
I can help you to stretch your capabilities and talents so that you can help others. Let me pay it forward to you. Then, you can do the same to the others.